Memories / Nostalgia

Memories / Nostalgia
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They'd Dance Across The Kitchen Floor
They vowed to spend their lives together
Sharing both the good times, and the bad....Read More!

Patriotic Duty
Patriotic duty
Destination, an ocean far
For family and country
A young man follows a distant star...Read More!

Tears of Reflection
Old and wise
Proudly you stand
A portrait of perseverance
And timelessness...Read More!

Memories Brought Her Here
She sits. Postcard images of golden sand, and white tipped waves of iridescent blue-green lay before her. Pale blue sky speckled with white cotton candy clouds, and the afternoon glow of peace permeates the air around everything and everyone – but her.......Read More!

The Moment
The moment is
As the moment lasts
And casts its wings
Form the morning past...Read More!

Alone at last, thirty years past;
it seems like yesterday somehow.
You encourage me from the corner
though I still keep my vow........Read More!

I love a wondrous country
surrounded by her sea;
God’s centre of the land
in peace and harmony........Read More!

It was many many years ago
that our friend came to stay.
She jumped over the back fence
and charmed us that very day........Read More!

'Jim asked me to call 'round after work, so I'll be home late,' Peter stated as he brushed Carol's cheek with a swift kiss. Carol really liked Peter’s brother but lately every time Peter mentioned his name it made her feel a bit glum.

'Uh-huh,' Carol answered tiredly as the front door slammed and the battered blue Ford ute quickly roared to life and hurtled down the street, signaling Peter was on his way to work........Read More!

Sally's eyes scoured the salt and pepper coloured beach. To some, what the sea washed up overnight was nothing more then debris from the oceans depths. To Sally it was treasure.

Sea shells in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures. They would be transported home with loving care and placed carefully upon window sills, benches and scattered around the garden. As this had been her favourite pass time for over fifty years, she wondered if she might have more shells at home then in the sea........Read More!