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Too Sensitive
They say you are too sensitive
Labelled from life’s start
Attempts to fool your mind
To harden a gentle heart...Read More!

Natures Rainbow Magic
Red and yellow, pink and green
What can it possibly mean?

A rainbow of colour
A treasured gift of sight
A wondrous arch of beauty
Filling hearts with pure delight...Read More!

The Wonders of Home
I travel the world every day
Marvelling at wonders from afar
The pure whiteness of the Antarctica
Endless red dunes of Africa...Read More!

Echoes of The Dreaming
I love a wondrous country
surrounded by her sea;
God’s centre of the land
in peace and harmony........Read More!

Love is the flower that blooms eternally,.......Read More!

You are my love,
you have always been part of me.
Your strength and power are unequalled,
and I feel empowered with you by my side........Read More!