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Please Note: These are only a few samples...

Spider Affirmation
I’m not afraid of spiders
Or wonder if they’re there
When sitting down outside
I don’t look ‘neath the chair...Read More!

Australians Divided
Australians can be a divided lot
When it comes to important things
The royal wedding was being relayed
But football is what Friday night brings...Read More!

The room is dark and gloomy
It’s quiet and lonely here
If it weren’t for occasional light
I’d probably be in fear...Read More!

Henry - No 2
Our neighbours asked us to pet sit
It wouldn’t take much work at all
A little yellow canary named Henry
Was brought through our front door...Read More!

Bird Mail
A little Willy-Wag-Tail bird
Came to visit a few weeks ago
It hopped around the garden
And put on quite a splendid show...Read More!

Mice Warning
There are mice in the house.
There are mice near and far.
But the latest news is perplexing;
about a mouse in my sisters car.....Read More!

Dear Ex Boss,
In regard to you firing me today,
I feel the need to say;
I made your coffee the way you liked best,
I just added a touch of gin to give you an hourly zest........Read More!

This is a little ditty
about a man named, Itsa Pity,
who stubbed his toe on the office chair........Read More!

I need to write a shopping list;
I'm always forgetting 'this' or 'that'.
If I write down what I can think of,
by shopping time I'll have it down pat........Read More!

It’s Friday night in Aussie land,
and while the young ones part-tay;
we of the older generation,
have fun our own way........Read More!