Fear / Sadness

Fear / Sadness
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Imagine, For One Moment
For one moment
If perfection reigned supreme
The evidence of reality
Transformed into the dream...Read More!

There Is Always Hope
Tears to cleanse and heal the pain
Hearts to live and sing again
Everyone from near and far
Rests their wishes upon a star...Read More!

Tears of Reflection
Old and wise
Proudly you stand
A portrait of perseverance
And timelessness...Read More!

Memories Brought Her Here
She sits. Postcard images of golden sand, and white tipped waves of iridescent blue-green lay before her. Pale blue sky speckled with white cotton candy clouds, and the afternoon glow of peace permeates the air around everything and everyone – but her.......Read More!

Broken promises,
twisted wreck.
Somehow, somewhere
it all began
on raw hope.
A way in, a way out.......Read More!

You did not know
I was there when you stood under the old maple tree,
yearning for what was beyond the distant blue tinged hills,
tears streaming down your cheeks unchecked, 
your heart aching for your mothers arms.
I was there........Read More!

It’s difficult to know how it happens
And it’s never easy to remember, when.
It creeps up slowly and silently
And becomes a traitorous, best friend........Read More!

It was many many years ago
that our friend came to stay.
She jumped over the back fence
and charmed us that very day........Read More!

Grey mist. Grey mist all around me. Engulfing my feet. Rising. Eating me from the ground. Hands. Where are my hands? I can't see because of the mist. I touch me face. I can feel them. Slight relief........Read More!

He would sit there at the bus stop, silently, day in - day out. His bent head and still body displaying a sense of withdrawal from all activity surrounding him. Even if someone were to speak to him, he would not respond, even look, or seem to care. He would just sit there in his own little world and perhaps dream of a time when things were different........Read More!