They'd Dance Across The Kitchen Floor


They vowed to spend their lives together
Sharing both the good times, and the bad
Even with the uncertainty of life
Hoping the joys would override the sad
So when testing times arrived
Instead of giving up and heading for the door
They’d dance across the kitchen floor.

It would always be spontaneous
A moment when she was caught off-guard
While pots simmered or the kettle screamed
And life seemed so very hard
He’d suddenly sweep her up in his arms
And look deeply into her eyes in awe
And they’d dance across the kitchen floor.

Life handed them a mountain to climb
And the trail often lined with debris
In the sunshine, it was an adventure
In stormy weather, it was difficult to see
But when the storm raged the most
And they thought they could climb no more
They’d dance across the kitchen floor.

She looks back on their life together
Now he’s no longer there to hold her hand
She thinks not, on the sad times
She ponders not, in trying to understand
Instead, she remembers with love and gratitude
Nothing else, nothing more
Those times they danced across the kitchen floor.

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.