Too Sensitive


They say you are too sensitive
Labelled from life’s start
Attempts to fool your mind
To harden a gentle heart

The pain you feel, of others
Tears you cry for human shame
It tears your soul to pieces
How can it ever be the same?

Forsaken barriers of protection
For the sake of empathy
Vulnerable and defenceless
Like a dove upon a stormy sea

Because you cannot, but love
Dry a tear stained face
Mend a broken spirit
Help others find their place

You hear it, not from words
Nor see it, with human sight
It comes to you, in feelings
An intangible, invisible light

Craving peace and well-being
The essence of the good in all
To keep you nourished, strong
So you can give – yet more…

You’re an angel sent from above
To bring hope to humankind
You are not - too sensitive
You are a precious friend of mine!

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.