Practical Me!


The room is dark and gloomy
It’s quiet and lonely here
If it weren’t for occasional light
I’d probably be in fear

All around stand shoes and fancy boots
Though the slippers must be the best
They get chosen nearly every time
Returned only for an overnight rest

I remember dimly, a time past
When I lived in a place of light
There were people coming and going
It was such an exciting sight

I stood in a line with the others
Even sometimes held for awhile
People remarked on my strength
Although few liked my shape or style

When I arrived in my new home
I thought I would have so much to see
But after I was introduced to the others
There seemed no more time for me

I hear the wardrobe door opening
Once more I prepare to be ignored
With surprise, I find I’m lifted out
At last – it’s my turn to explore

The rain has been falling hard
The ground is as wet as can be
Slippers, and shoes, so comfy and fine
Could never replace - practical me!

© Copyright Jan-Reid Lennox. All Rights Reserved.