Imagine, For One Moment


For one moment
If perfection reigned supreme
The evidence of reality
Transformed into the dream

Health and well-being
The only way of life
Happiness everywhere
No hint of war or strife

Perpetual fun and laughter
Love and kindness in every breath
Would you really value life more?
Could you possibly value life – less?

If there were no way of knowing
What it is to cry with tears of pain
And to feel the joy thereafter
When healing manifests again

A utopian existence
Perfect peace and contentment for all
Would life be as rich, in essence
Or become meaningless and poor

It’s impossible to know, heat
Without experiencing, cold
The mysterious challenges of life remain
Testing how it will all unfold

Would a flower look so beautiful
Its fragrance smell as sweet
If it didn’t labour through a chill
And survive a wondrous feat

Would a friend mean as much to you
If they’ve never held your hand
When you’ve needed a shoulder to cry on
And someone to understand

The scheme of life, so complex
Yet the message simple and true
The extremes of life, good and bad
Make life meaningful – for you!

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.