The Wonders of Home


I travel the world every day
Marvelling at wonders from afar
The pure whiteness of the Antarctica
Endless red dunes of Africa
Mesmerised by Aurora Borealis
Decorating the northern skies
The crystal caves of Bermuda
Pure and intriguing in disguise
I see them from my computer
Without leaving my chair
I sometimes think how wonderful
It would be, to be there
But these places are far away
And travel would be a chore
My beloved country firmly holds me
Within her beautiful shores
And then I take a moment
To consider my home so dear
Of all the wonders she holds
Which before were not so clear
The Snowy Mountains beaming
When winter firmly sets hold
The grandeur of the Big Rock
In the deserts of gleaming gold
The Aurora Australis, twin
Gracing the clear moonlit heights
The crystal caves at Atherton
Claiming her Amethyst delights
So many wonders close by
To nourish the soul and heart
So often we dream of far away
When in our backyard, we should start


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.