Henry - Number 2


Our neighbours asked us to pet sit
It wouldn’t take much work at all
A little yellow canary named Henry
Was brought through our front door
Charming us from his pretty white cage
He serenaded us with the purest of tunes
And danced with flourish along his perch
As if in a contest with no time to lose
Such a delightful and enjoyable guest
This bird of vibrant sunshine gold
Winning our hearts from the very start
So tiny and delicate, but oh so bold
Our neighbourly deed complete
Henry’s joyful visit came to an end
Although instead of us doing a favour
We found we had made, a sweet new friend
Not to be disheartened by his absence
Hubby came up with a plan to pursue
He would tinker around in his shed
He would create – Henry, number 2
The result was certainly not expected
And not a replica of the Henry, as thought
Now standing as a guard in our hallway
Our Henry 2 – a life sized stork!


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.