Tears of Reflection


Old and wise
Proudly you stand
A portrait of perseverance
And timelessness

Thirsty in drought
Chilled with snowy falls
Swaying in compliance
As gales bend growing limbs

Seasons pass
The cycles of life
Steadfast, resilient, strong
Patiently you watch – and wait.

They come.
Burning, mutilating
Blinded by needs and wants
For the taking

Mindless sacrilege
Devoid of care
So much pain
For so little gain

Land cleared
Raped and pillaged
Till bareness prevails
Nature screamed and wailed

Unheard, unnoticed
Where once you stood so grand
Emptiness, nothingness
Years of perfection
Tears of reflection


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.