Bird Mail


A little Willy-Wag-Tail bird
Came to visit a few weeks ago
It hopped around the garden
And put on quite a splendid show

Every day, I welcomed it
Watching it wag its tail with glee
It made me feel happy inside
This bird coming to visit me

But then a friend informed me
In recounting this visit so sweet
That a visiting Willy-Wag-Tail
Brings bad news, you’ll soon greet

I scoffed, and said – no way!
Do not jinx my mind to think so
It’s only if I believed it true
That’s how it’s supposed to go

Too late – bad news appeared
Not once, but twice and more
Even though I had not believed
And sorrow did not look for

Bad news no longer has a chance
To come our way to stay
When noticed arriving, it receives
A blast away with the hose spray.


If only it were that simple! J

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.