Mice Warning


There are mice in the house.
There are mice near and far.
But the latest news is perplexing;
about a mouse in my sisters car.

I’m not quite sure how I feel,
although I did for a moment, smile.
Should I fell sorry for the mouse,
or console my sister, awhile?

It would be rather daunting,
not knowing what it will do.
It could run across your foot,
or the car wires, decide to chew.

There is a trap neatly placed
underneath the front seat.
Place your fingers there
and pain you’ll surely greet.

The car door is now left open
in the hope it will escape.
But determined, it stays within;
its fate, it will not abate.

Perhaps it was a worthy quest,
to enjoy the thrill of a ride.
Although an unwelcome passenger
destined to continually hide.

So although I see no happy end
for this mouse in its car home;
let it be a warning
for mice everywhere, that roam.


© Copyright J M Lennox. All Rights Reserved.