Memories Brought Her Here!


She sits. Postcard images of golden sand, and white tipped waves of iridescent blue-green lay before her. Pale blue sky speckled with white cotton candy clouds, and the afternoon glow of peace permeates the air around everything and everyone – but her.

Memories brought her here. And memories are now walking along the sand, as she watches a young bare-footed couple, hand in hand, navigating the sea shore in a gentle stroll. Memories are what haunt her now, as mother and father, son and daughter, run, giggle and squeal at the waters edge. Memories are what tug at her heart, and she wishes she could – forget.

She closes her eyes and takes deep breathes, feeling and smelling the salty breeze as it whispers past. She listens intently to the sea with its rhythmic song, and it anoints her soul like invisible balm. Her mind quietened now, she carries herself as far away from her heart as she can bear. What else is there to do?

She opens her eyes and looks to the rocks, scattered with tiny shells of pink, coral and black, and wonders if perhaps life, like nature, is filled with too much bounty and beauty. You never really appreciate what you have until it is no longer there, they say. ‘They’, were right, she thinks. What if we were never able to have – so much? Would it make life, easier?

And then she remembers – and smiles. Perhaps memories are not so bad, after all.


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.


The Moment


The moment is
As the moment lasts
And casts its wings
From the morning past

The moment gone is not re-pass
The glory of the ascending task

To open up your heart and, see
What there is for you to be

For the moment cannot well define
The infinite glory of the windows eye


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.


Mice Warning


There are mice in the house.
There are mice near and far.
But the latest news is perplexing;
about a mouse in my sisters car.

I’m not quite sure how I feel,
although I did for a moment, smile.
Should I fell sorry for the mouse,
or console my sister, awhile?

It would be rather daunting,
not knowing what it will do.
It could run across your foot,
or the car wires, decide to chew.

There is a trap neatly placed
underneath the front seat.
Place your fingers there
and pain you’ll surely greet.

The car door is now left open
in the hope it will escape.
But determined, it stays within;
its fate, it will not abate.

Perhaps it was a worthy quest,
to enjoy the thrill of a ride.
Although an unwelcome passenger
destined to continually hide.

So although I see no happy end
for this mouse in its car home;
let it be a warning
for mice everywhere, that roam.


© Copyright J M Lennox. All Rights Reserved.


Time Tells


Broken promises,
twisted wreck.
Somehow, somewhere
it all began
on raw hope.
A way in, a way out…

Go with the flow;
wishful thinking?
Too late!
Caught in the net.
Nowhere to go,
but in your head.

Perfect creations,
from imperfect places
in the midst of strife.
Roller coaster of life.
The clock ticks,
but, stops!

Time no longer tells
- it screams!
We all know,
life is precious
for the taking;
giving is – sacrifice!

Quiet acceptance,
voiceless love;
a myriad of emotions
fighting for place.
It will all make sense
- one day!


© Copyright J M Lennox. All Rights Reserved.