A Traitorous Friend


It’s difficult to know how it happens
And it’s never easy to remember, when.
It creeps up slowly and silently
And becomes a traitorous, best friend.

It confuses the thinking process
For thoughts become a tangled mess.
It denies the heart from feeling
For a heart can love no - less.

It makes for an excuse to give up
Concealing anything to look forward to.
Everything means – nothing
And nothing is the only thing, true.

Depleted of energy to fight
Void of the willingness to try
Quiet acceptance of life as it is
Even the willingness, to die.

Dark and sad and lonely
And yet numbingly, deceitfully, safe.
It is a thief of heart, mind and soul,
A destroyer of love, hope and faith.


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.