I Need to Write a Shopping List!


I need to write a shopping list;
I'm always forgetting 'this' or 'that'.
If I write down what I can think of,
by shopping time I'll have it down pat.

I won't need to rack my brain with a frown;
I'll have more time to peruse.
I will get better value overall,
because I'll have the time to choose.

Where is that pen?
Who eats these things?
I thought of something.
Oh bother - the phone rings.

This marker pen will do.
Oh dear - the writing's gone through,
and there's no cleaner left;
I must write that down too.

Aha - I've found my daughters crayon.
Now what do I need?
Oh - someone's knocking at the door;
'Just a minute!' - I plead.

Oh joy - the delivery man wanted me to sign.
I wasn't being dishonest there;
I just needed to borrow his pen for a while.
I'm sure he has a spare.

Now - nothing will deter me;
I have a task I need to do.
What do I need?
Let's start with 'packets of pens' - times two.

Why won't this pen work!
It's running out of ink.
I might be able to write a few items down;
I'll remember the others - I think.

Relief - I can read the indentations on the paper;
I've succeeded in this quest of mine.
Now I'm all prepared,
but I'm running out of time.

I jump in the car and hurtle away,
and with a new thought, I utter a moan.
I remember the one thing I wish I hadn't;
I've left the shopping list at home!


© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.