Friday Night Fun and Games


It’s Friday night in Aussie land,
and while the young ones part-tay;
we of the older generation,
have fun our own way.

Hubby is in the next room,
sorting out the football refs;
because it’s Friday Night Football here,
and the TV has no rest.

I’m enjoying writing this poem,
putting together words that flow;
while hubby is erupting with words,
of ‘forward pass’ and ‘go…go...!’

I know he’s having fun,
even though you may wonder;
because he gets up with a groan,
as the team he’s following - blunder.

It’s not his teams fault!
In fact, without a word of a lie;
it’s those b....y refs, of course;
they’ve ‘got it in’ for his side.

So, when the game is over,
and he pokes his head inside the door;
I’ll look up pretending not to know
who claimed the bigger score.


© Copyright J M Lennox. All Rights Reserved.