The Ant and The Butterfly

Children's Picture Book

James went to visit his Grandpa one day
Into the garden they went, where James could play

While Grandpa bent and pulled the weeds
James watched the butterflies dance in the breeze

He studied an ant darting around on the ground
and was amazed at what he found

‘Grandpa, would you rather be an ant or a butterfly?’
Grandpa looked up, with a glint in his eye

‘I know a story you might like to hear’
‘Come sit on my knee and lend me your ear’

One day a butterfly was flying around
She noticed an ant scurrying around on the ground

Studying his movements all through the day
she was so impressed, she heard herself say

‘I wish I could be an ant, so small, yet strong
I could build impressive structures all day long

Meanwhile the ant had been watching the butterfly
He watched her graceful movements out of the corner of his eye

‘I wish I could be a butterfly so attractive and carefree
I would fly around all day - there would be so much to see

The Nature Queen shook her head in dismay
but waved her magic wand granting their wishes for a day

As the sun started its decent and the day drew to a close
The Nature Queen arrived with a question to pose

‘Miss Butterfly, Mr Ant – tell me, if you will
Would you like to remain as you were today, still?’

Miss Butterfly looked up to the coloured sky
and responded with a heartfelt sigh

‘For all the ants strength and agility,
I’d rather be there, in the air - I'd rather feel free

The ant looked longingly at the scene below
And was eager for The Nature Queen to know

‘For all the butterflys floating grace and freedom of care
I’d rather have my feet on the ground - I'd rather be there.’

The Nature Queen nodded smilingly at the two
And waved her magic wand, without ado

‘Nature has its reasons,’ I'm sure you now see
We are the way we're meant to be

‘So, tell me James’, said Grandpa, with a twinkle in his eye
‘Which would you rather be – an ant or a butterfly?’

‘Grandpa !’ admonished James, as he jumped off Grandpa’s knee
‘Of course – I’m glad I'm - ME!’

© Copyright Jan Reid-Lennox. All Rights Reserved.